Track 1, Thing 4: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools

Our scissors are now digital
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Our next topic in Track 1 is Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools. Storytelling and presenting are really too intertwined to separate since giving an effective presentation is really all about good storytelling.

This lesson will present a selection of tools to help tell stories through photos, voice, text, video and music.  Use these tools to share personal stories, create more effective presentations, present assignments, creative storytelling, and so much more.

More Lessons

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New lessons have been posted over the weekend for Tracks 3 & 4.

Remember, you can pick and choose lessons from any of the tracks. You’re in charge of your own professional development here! You could even repeat lessons that you’ve done in earlier sessions of the workshop, but be sure to explore new aspects of the topic if you choose to do that.

Hoping to get lots more lessons out this week. Thing 31 and 32 were two of the hardest lessons for me to write and slowed me down quite a bit. As many of you know, I’ve never worked in a school library, so applying EBP to school libraries was a bit of a challenging stretch for me. I learned a lot!! And am looking forward to learning even more from your blog posts.

Two New Lessons & Some Reminders

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NEW LESSONS: Two new lessons have been added:

I’ll be adding more all week. Keep watching!


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Track 4 – Our new topics start with “Evidence Based Practice”

Show the numbers and show me why they matter.
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This first lesson in our latest Cool Tools track, Thing 31: Evidence Based Practice, was inspired by conversations that started at a recent workshop by Jennifer LaGarde on annual reports and collecting data. And by the work of Ross Todd, Lyn Hay and Joyce Valenza (among many others!) on Evidence Based Practice.

Some of you asked us to put together lessons that would give you time and resources to think about using Evidence Based Practice (EBP)  to help improve your library’s program and help you show how you and your library’s services help students succeed.

We’ll get you started over the course of two lessons, this one with introductory material to get you thinking about EBP and then next one on tools and ides for collecting data. Up for the challenge??

New Lesson: Productivity Tools

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Thing 22: Productivity Tools has finally been posted! I just kept finding more and more cool tools to consider and test. But I finally had to give in and just get the lesson posted. If I find more stuff to add, I’ll leave comments at the end of the lesson.

This is one of those topics that anyone in the workshop can do. So don’t let the number “22” daunt you! Even if you’ve just started the Cool Tools workshop, give this one a try.

And if you’re an old-timer and done this lesson before, you can repeat it. There are always new tips, tricks and tools to explore.

Have fun! And I’m on to the next lessons….