Final Deadlines

runner at the finish line
Race to the Finish!

Hard to believe that the end of the year isn’t terribly far off.  But it is and that means the end of the Cool Tools workshop too. Each SLS region has a different deadline and I’ve just asked all the SLS admins for that info. I’ll update this post as I get updates.

Final Deadlines:

  • Rochester SLS : May 31, 2016

Next week, I’ll post a form for you to do a final report of the things you completed. In the meantime, hope to see some of you at NYLA/SSL in Albany!

Track 4: Thing 38 – App-Palooza!

photo credit: César Poyatos via photopin cc
photo credit: César Poyatos via photopin cc

It’s App-Palooza time! Whether you have a mobile device or not, this is your chance to explore apps.

Apps can serve so many different purposes: access to content, tools for organizing content, assessments of student work, classroom management tools, tons of tools for creating content and so much more. This lesson includes articles about using mobile devices and apps in school, sources for reviews of apps and some lists of apps to whet your appetite.

Track 3: Thing 28 – Tech Trends and Scanning the Horizon

railroad tracks bending around a curve
What’s around the bend?

As tech leaders in your schools, you know that keeping up with current technology often feels overwhelming (no kidding!). And sometimes it feels like we’re never going to catch up and be on top of things. So you may balk at our “look to the future” topic this week. But don’t!

One of the best ways to cope with the exhaustion of trying to keep up, is to learn from the experts who are carefully evaluating the trends and technologies that are most likely to affect education and libraries over the next few years. Once you’ve read a few trends/issues reports, you’ll start to pick out the tech and trends that are likely to be relevant to you, your students and colleagues. With that knowledge you’ll realize that you’re really ahead of the curve and will be ready for the changes to come. And also ready to lead the way through those changes.

Track 2 is now complete

photo credit: Elizabeth Thomsen via photopin cc

Thing 19: Social Reading and Book Stuff covers lots of fun tools for readers. Social tools to share books and reviews, tools to organize your personal ebook collections, apps for reading and more. So let’s dig in. Remember, you don’t need to explore all the tools here. Pick a couple things that interest you and explore.

And with this lesson, all of the track 2 lessons are posted.

Track 2:

Track 1 – It’s a Wrap!

Thing 9: Databases & Search Tools completes the Track 1 lessons. Hooray! All of the lessons are listed below. Remember, you don’t have to do all the lessons in order or even do all the lessons in a single track. You just need 5 lessons to earn 10 PD hours. Or 10 lessons to earn 20 PD hours.

Track 1:

New Track 4 Lesson

Thing 36: Flash Cards, Quiz Games and More

After all the hard work you’ve been doing on the first topics in this track, how about some fun tools for creating games, quizzes and flash card study aids? These are tools that students could use create their own review activities for themselves. Or create games to challenge other students. There are also tools for creating group and team competitions, for a fun and lively class activity. Have some fun with this one!