Getting Started Checklist

Check through this list to make sure you’ve done all the “getting started” stuff. You don’t have to do this all at once, come back after a week or two to make sure you’ve done everything.




  • Please sign up to receive updates from the project website via email or RSS. You’ll see those options on the right sidebar of this site. Whenever news is posted, you’ll get an update. This will be the primary way that you’ll receive updates about the program


  • We set up a CoolTools discussion group on GoodReads. It’s a place that many librarians are already familiar with, so we thought it might be easy for all of us to use this. If you’re not familiar with it, do explore what’s there, it’s a terrific resource.  You could even use your explorations there for Thing 19: Social Reading & Book Stuff.




6 thoughts on “Getting Started Checklist

  1. Good morning,

    Our schools will not be participating this year. [☹]

    Maybe next year, we will be back.

    Mrs. Julie Feenaughty

    Canisteo-Greenwood High School Librarian

    84 Greenwood Street

    Cansiteo, NY 14823

    607-698-4225 ext 2300


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