DIY – You Pick and Final Reflection lessons

If you’ve elected to do the 5 lesson option for 10 PD hours, you may be getting ready to wrap-up your work. So I’ve added the DIY/You Pick lessons to each track. And also the Final Reflection/What’s Next lessons.  (I’m working on filling in the other lessons on the list!)

The DIY/You Pick lesson is a great opportunity for you to explore a topic of your own choosing. You can use this lesson to try something totally new that you’ve been eager to explore or dive deeper into a topic that you want to explore further.  As with the other lessons, you can choose to do this one or not.

The Final Reflections/What’s Next is your wrap-up post. Again, you don’t have to do this final lesson, though it’s a great opportunity to think about all the work you’ve done and how you’ll put it into action.



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