Thing 15: Emerging Tech & Scanning the Horizon

Trend-Spotting, Scanning the Horizon, Emerging Tech and Trends

railroad tracks bending around a curve
What’s around the bend?

As tech leaders in your schools, you know that keeping up with current technology often feels overwhelming (no kidding!). And sometimes it feels like we’re never going to catch up and be on top of things. So you may balk at our “look to the future” topic. But don’t!

One of the best ways to cope with the exhaustion of trying to keep up, is to learn from the experts who are carefully evaluating the trends and technologies that are most likely to affect education and libraries over the next few years. Once you’ve read a few trends/issues reports, you’ll start to pick out the tech and trends that are likely to be relevant to you, your students and colleagues. With that knowledge you’ll realize that you’re really ahead of the curve and will be ready for the changes to come. And also ready to lead the way through those changes.


Digital Learning Trends


  • Read some of the reports and articles and note which tech/trends/issues resonate with you.
  • Write your blog post and discuss:
    • How these are relevant to your library, classroom and school community.
    • How are they relevant to your community at large, outside of school?
    • What challenges and opportunities do they present?
    • What trends do you feel are most important?


  • Write & publish your blog post.
  • Copy the URL for the post.
  • Return to the lesson page on the CanvasLMS site.
  • Use the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button in the CanvasLMS page and paste in your URL.

*Only for students participating in the workshop for PD credit hours through the Canavas LMS system.

Many thanks to Dr. Michael Stephens for openly sharing the course content for SJSU LIBR 287 course – Hyperlinked Library Emerging Trends, Emerging Tech. Many of the resources in this lesson were borrowed from that course.





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