Thing 30: Flash Cards, Quiz Games and More

Time for a totally fun topic – tools for creating games, quizzes and flash card study aids. These are tools that students could use create their own review activities for themselves or create games to challenge other students. There are also tools for creating group and team competitions, for a fun and lively class activity. No in depth introductions and discussion for this topic, just dig in and have some fun. Know of some other tools we should include here? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page!


Flashcard Review tools – Students and teachers can create flashcard decks to help review content.

  • Quizlet – Free and Pro/Teacher accounts ($25) Web, Android and iOS. Enter your flash card content and multiple games are created. Easy to add photos from Quizlet’s collection. Upgrade to Teacher account to add your own photos. Fantastic new Quizlet live feature creates a fast-paced group game to play in class. Example: Polly’s “flowers” quizlet.
  • StudyStack – Free service. Web based and Android app. Not as slick as Quizlet, but adds some additional game types. Enter flashcard information and StudyStack creates other activities automatically. Includes a hangman game, word search puzzle, crossword puzzle, word scramble, fill-in-the-blank and StudyTable. Other types of activities are also available. Example: Literary Terms matching quiz
  • Flippity Flash Cards – Free. Create flash card decks from information in a Google spreadsheet. Template for spreadsheet is included on site, with easy set-up instructions.
  • TinyCards – from Duolingo, use flashcard sets created by others or create your own.  (NEW)
  • More Flashcard Review ToolsFlip, Flash, Study – 10 Free Flashcard Services for Students
  • For more, search Edshelf for tools and apps selected by educators.

Make your own quizzes, review games and more – Tool for teachers and students to create fun review activities and more.


  • Try out a couple of the tools listed or other tools that you’d like to test.
  • If possible, share links to the activities you create.
  • Discuss how you might use these with your students.


  • Write & publish your blog post.
  • Copy the URL for the post.
  • Return to the lesson page on the CanvasLMS site.
  • Use the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button in the CanvasLMS page and paste in your URL.

*Only for students participating in the workshop for PD credit hours through the Canavas LMS system.


2 thoughts on “Thing 30: Flash Cards, Quiz Games and More

  1. ” However, now that I am teaching middle schoolers, I wanted to find something that had some more visual effects to keep their interest longer. Cobocards was listed as an online and mobile flashcard system that also can be used on student’s phone’s with an app. Students can create flashcard collections to study and share electronically with friends or a PDF to study offline. The tool also allows students to create mind maps, quizzes, notes, slide sets, and flowcharts. It is extremely easy to use and also allows students to add links to note pages, quizzes, or picture slides. I really liked this feature to link vocabualry words back to notes that had the explanations. This would be very easy for a middle schooler to navigate and create a one of a kind study tools. ”

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