Participant’s Blogs

To participate in the 2016-17 Cool Tools workshop, you’ll need a blog to share your progress through the workshop.  This is how we’ll keep track of whether you’ve completed each lesson and will also be one way for you to connect with other participants.

Don’t have a blog? If this is the first time participating in this workshop, you’ll learn about blogging and will set up a blog in the first lesson – Thing 1: Blogging.

Old Timers? If you’ve participated before, you can go ahead and register a blog you’ve used before.

As everyone registers their blogs, we’ll create a list of all the participants’ blogs so you can all share ideas and comments with the other participants. A list of blogs will appear here after we get started.

Don’t worry if your blog doesn’t show up in the list immediately though. We still have to do some manual checking and editing of the registrations to get them to show up.

All the Posts: There’s also a webpage that is using RSS to create a list of all the posts that everyone is writing. So if you’re curious about what others are exploring, check out the Cool Tools Participants RSS Feeds page (It’s on my site, since this freebie site doesn’t have an easy way to do this.)

Participant’s Blogs (arranged by SLS Region)


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