Thing 41: Anything Goes Google

For this topic, find a Google tool or topic that you want to learn more about and dig in!

Lots of Google Ideas

A truly random selection of some new and interesting Google ideas. If you don’t see something interesting here, check out the other resources below.

Sources with lots of Google tips

Keep up with Google News

All these blogs have a strong focus on Google content.


Try something new to you or dig in to a Google tool or topic that you want to know more about.

As usual, write your blog post sharing what you worked on and how it can be used with your students.


  • Write & publish your blog post.
  • Copy the URL for the post.
  • Return to the lesson page on the CanvasLMS site.
  • Use the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT button in the CanvasLMS page and paste in your URL.

*Only for students participating in the workshop for PD credit hours through the Canavas LMS system.